Waken the business that makes you feel alive

And freaking finally claim your wealth, delightful wellbeing & delicious #TrueFreedomLifestyle

I see you...

You're on a mission to create a life on your terms... and you're doing whatever it takes.

You've been patiently growing your business brick by brick.. and it's paying off.

Yet something feels off. Your actions lack power.

You know you're meant for more. You've dived into personal growth and tried to harness the Law Of Attraction.

Still you're hungry for authentic action and aching to feel like the real you is showing up... but you can't quite pinpoint what's missing.

And you just know...

If you did, you'd be light years ahead by now.

Growing a business that means true freedom feels like an impossible maze...

when it doesn't come from within.


Grind everywhere

What's wrong with this photo? Tenerife, family, stunning holiday house in the mountains, wine cellar, sunshine.... and a laptop! I used to see the ability to take my business with me anywhere as "location freedom". Like... really?

But the grind isn't even the actual beast

When you rely on external info: strategies, systems, frameworks... you forget to listen to yourself. You take a framework and try to squeeze your message in. You're formulaic. You sound flat. You show up weak. You second guess yourself. You consciously or subconsciously seek external validation. And why you feel like you're not showing up as you.

Don't think. It complicates things. Just feel, and if it feels like home, then follow its path.

~ r. m. drake

My People

Edita has provided focus, clarity and confidence in a long-term marketing plan for my safari business – and I can’t thank her enough. My marketing is now simpler, clear and concise. This gives me clarity in my own mind on what I’m doing, and confidence for the client.


Mastermind Retreat Experience Designer

"It is fricking mind blowing…

As I said earlier, all roads in my business lead to this 🤩".


Corporate Leader Coach